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5 Ways to protect your cables from pets and babies


With an increasing amount of cables in the home connecting various electrical devices, we must increase our awareness of the hazards that loose cables present and make an effort to reduce these. Cables are often a trip hazard for adults however they present further hazards to pets and small children. Common scenarios of these hazards include pets chewing on cables or small children tugging at them or wrapping them around their neck. To keep your home safe for your small children and pets, you need to manage your loose cables to reduce the risk of injury. Tripsafe was established to provide a proper cable management system to prevent your dog chewing on cables, your children tugging on them and your guests tripping over them.

Here are a few steps to creating a safer home environment:

Identify electrical hazards

Find all areas where loose cables are present or outlets are accessible, particularly areas that you may not be able to reach but your young child or pet could. Try to reduce the amount of outlets that are easily accessible and protect as much of the cable as possible by minimising the area between the termination point and your cable protection as much as possible.

Unplug unused appliances

If any appliances or device chargers are not being frequently used, unplug these and store the cables in places that are inaccessible to your children and pets. Leaving them plugged in not only creates hazards but also unsightly clutter.

Take action

If you catch your child or pet playing with cables, take action to either hide the outlet and cable behind furniture or use a cable protection system if this is not possible. Work to teach your pet to not touch the cables by either spraying your cat with water or clapping your hands or yelling “NO” when they are playing with the cable to teach them not to do it again.

Get your cables covered!

Tripsafe cable covers can store up to 5 cables inside them and hold them in a bundle in one place so they cannot be easily lifted off the ground or played with. These cable covers will protect the cables as well as any visitors to your house and your pets and small children.

Tripsafe cable covers for hard floor are made with PVC and hold the cables to the ground using the weight of the PVC. The PVC cable cover is 1.8m and can be cut down to the size you need with scissors or a knife.

Tripsafe Cable covers for carpet have a hook and loop style underside that sticks to most types of carpet to keep your cables together. The cable cover for carpet comes in 1.8m or 10m and can be cut down to size without fraying. Both types of cable cover come in yellow, so they can be easily seen, or in grey for a more subtle look. 

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Whether you are looking at reducing the risk of tripping from loose cables in the office or want to organise untidy electrical cords in your home study, TripSafeTM provide an effective and yet affordable cable management solution.

Using the TripSafe safety cable holders, you can easily secure loose and untidy cables to carpeted floors. Thanks to their low profile, TripSafe will minimise trip hazards and keep your home or office tidy.