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10 Tricks to keep your home tidy


1. Using storage tubs

Storage tubs labeled with the names of all your messy family members are a great way to keep the home tidy. When cleaning up the house, items belonging to different members of the family can quickly be placed in their tub for them to pack away later. This will keep items off the floor and in one place while waiting for their owner to put them away.

2. Laundry Management

Similar to the storage tubs, using a separate laundry basket for each family member will keep your living areas free of clothes. Sort the clean washing into each family member’s basket and either place it in their bedroom or leave stored in the laundry until they collect it. This way your living room won’t have piles of clothing lying around until each family members comes come looking for a clean shirt! Another quick laundry tip is to hang clothing on coat hangers on the clothes line and then transfer directly into each person’s wardrobe.

3. Covering cables

An easy way to prevent the messy look of the many different cables used these days is to bundle your cables together and store them. Tripsafe cable covers can store multiple cables and stick them to the floor so they are much less noticeable, look nicer and prevent the trip hazard that a series of cables present. There is a cable cover for carpet and a cable cover for hard floors so they can be used in every room of the house.

Tripsafe Cable Cover for Carpet

4. Keep your clean-outs manageable

Don’t pull absolutely everything out at once when doing a big room or household clean out. Divide the area into sections and do one section at a time. This way the task won’t seem too big and you won’t end up leaving piles of mess on the floor until you get around to finishing it later.

5. Organise the toys

To avoid having many toys lying around while your child is only interested in the newest toy, set up a storage system. Using large storage tubs, store other toys neatly to keep the house clean. They can even be stored in an unused space to get them completely out of the way. Rotate the toys in storage every few months as interests of your children change and this way some olds toys may become the new favourite again.

6. Clear the kitchen benches

Larger kitchen items such as pots, pans and chopping boards take up a lot of bench space. If you clean these and pack them away as soon as you are finished using them they will not be obstacles that slow down the washing up and drying.

7. Sort regularly

Instead of allowing mess to pile up for months at a time and having to then sort through great piles, sort regularly. Frequently choose an area or cupboard that is starting to build up with mess and move everything that should be packed elsewhere and get rid of unwanted items. Recycle or donate these items where possible, as someone else may need what you accidentally bought two of!

8. Swap and share unwanted items

Any items that you no longer want or need may be useful for someone in your neighbourhood. Organise a street swap so that items can easily be shared, however be careful not to just create a dumping ground.

9. Store cleaning items close by

If cleaning items are stored far away from where they are used, you will be less likely to do frequent, quick cleans. Store the bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom so that you can easily wipe down the bench when you notice that it is messy so that grime does not build up. Similarly, store the vacuum cleaner and broom close to the rooms that need them the most if possible.

10. Sort as you go

Don’t leave any rooms empty handed. Every time you leave a room, take an item that should be stored in the room that you are walking to. This way items don’t build up on the floor in the room where they were left and you don’t really feel as though you are cleaning up. If you are able to teach this strategy to all family members, your house will be much tidier without much effort. 

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